How can I help you?

Life gets turned upside down for you or a family member?

A serious health condition or accident?

A divorce, death, DWI or other life crisis?


Bottom Line:

Something in your life is keeping you from being able to go to work every day.

  • You need some time off, some flexibility, some accommodation.

  • You are not sure what benefits you have, how to take advantage of them all, what questions to ask.

  • You are not sure what your Leave Of Absence options are.

  • You are trying to figure these things out for your spouse who has the job, the insurance, and is in the hospital.

  • You or your spouse can no longer work, what are your disability options and benefits?

  • Can you continue your health insurance from the former employer?  How long? How to access the disability extension?

  • Should I go on COBRA or look at other options?  Are they affordable?

You are unsure of:

  • You are not sure you understand all that your HR department is telling you.

  • You are not sure your are fully utilizing your benefits.

  • It is open enrollment time and you want to better understand what benefit options to sign up for.

  • How are you going to pay your bills?

You are overwhelmed:

  • By Doctors and their new terminology you are learning

  • By the illness/health crisis

  • By the pain

  • By the uncertainty of your condition

  • All the appointments

  • From having to learn so much new stuff about your new situation

  • From the bills you were not expecting


All this leads you to:

  • Forget about your work obligations – or worry about your work obligations

  • Not fully comprehend what HR is telling you

  • No time to fill out paperwork or worry about due dates for HR

  • Worry about what your boss or co-workers are thinking and saying – what should you tell them?

  • Feel that you don’t know who to talk to or where to get objective help

Your HR Navigator is here to:

  • Provide you some peace of mind - be your Guide From The Side

  • Help you understand your current benefits

  • Help you take advantage of benefits that are available to you

  • Help you know what questions to ask your HR department

  • Help you know what your Leave Of Absence (LOA) options are

  • Help you complete the paperwork you need to take your LOA and access your benefits

  • Help you not miss deadlines

  • Help you know what to say to your supervisor, co-workers, and HR

  • Help you review your employee handbook if needed

  • Help you follow-up with your: medical insurer, disability company, employer

  • Help you understand the medical appeals process with your insurance company if needed

Can I afford Your HR Navigator?

For Individuals and Families, packages and services are available to provide value and help you meet your budget.

Option 1:  Just get in touch with me to receive a free list of questions you may need to be asking your HR department or supervisor at work.  

Option 2:  Work with me as needed for questions or guidance and pay an hourly rate.  Click below to contact me and learn more.

Option 3:  Packages are available at 3 different levels of service - Let's Get in Touch to discuss which option is best for you.


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