Coaching HR professionals and business owners through complex situations.

HR Professionals

  • Coach HR leaders or staff to find answers to their problems or roadblocks

  • Provide new and solo HR practitioners support, guidance, a sounding board

  • Help HR find their confidence and ability to think and communicate strategically to other business leaders and owners

  • Help HR people think broadly about the business they are operating in, to ensure HR is fully supporting the strategy and needs of the business

  • Help HR ensure their work links to business needs and strategy

  • Coach and mentor new HR staff

  • Allowing HR leaders the space to reflect on plans and actions to take

  • Be a sounding board to HR professionals trying to navigate complex situations

  • Provide perspective, best practices and experiences

Business Owners

  • Coach business owners through situational HR challenges that arise often because of business growth (M&A) or contraction (divesting or shutting down)

  • Providing business owners with the HR expertise they need to work effectively with a new HR function in their business

  • Help business leaders establishing an HR function for the first time, onboard and coach this new function to meet business expectations and needs

Results you can expect:

  • Add cost effective support and solutions to complex problems
  • Work with you to push beyond fears to set stretch goals
  • Provide solid technical HR knowledge and skills to share along with strategic thinking
  • Provide guidance, direction and other resources to solve unique and complex problems
  • Build confidence for your HR staff as they grow and take on more complex challenges
  • Allow coaching clients a space to practice being vulnerable and try new skills.  

Client Praise

Kara is an incredible resource and sounding board that I am able to tap into when I need HR advice. She is credible and competent and gives me solid coaching with the decisions I have to make as an HR Director. Kara has provided me with valuable direction on HR investigations, strategic initiatives and training programs. Kara is experienced and able to think on her feet and provide me with perspective on complex HR issues.
— Tammy France, HR Director

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