Your HR Navigator Dedication

How my business started

I have over 20 years of experience as a human resources professional and consultant. And I understand that when you’re navigating the journey of a serious injury, illness or other life crisis there is fear, and a lot of decisions to make. I can help.

I started this business because I enjoy helping people and that leads me to tell you about my friend Kris.  Kris was a vibrant, funny, beautiful woman who lived and loved life. Her professional life was all about helping others be and do better in the world. Kris was just 36 years old, married, with two kids in school, when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her husband Jim, said, “you think this kind of thing only happens to other people.” Like Kris and Jim, you may find yourself overwhelmed with information, doctors, appointments, tests, and decision making. 

They were both working but Kris held the benefits for the family as Jim was self-employed.  I wanted to share my HR expertise so they could make the best decisions for their family – and have less anxiety about the future.  As Kris said, I became their “guide from the side.”

We sat down to review Kris’s benefits and leave options, drafting a list of questions to ask her HR department, and then I helped them understand the answers HR gave them.  

We talked through their insurance and disability coverage, and what a leave of absence would look like down the road.  We knew the time would come when Kris could no longer work, so we discussed COBRA and other options they could draw on, including her 401k and life insurance. Our conversations helped Kris know her family would be okay no matter what happened.

Kris passed away after 22 months.  She inspired me and challenged me to start this business to help others whose lives have been turned upside down.

I helped Kris and Jim successfully navigate this difficult time and that’s why I started Your HR Navigator.  I will provide you with a roadmap to give clarity to your work and benefit next steps and improve your quality of life.  

I’m here to help you too.